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Improving access to healthy food, one food benefit at a time

Tangelo is the food benefits platform that makes it easier and more affordable for Americans to access fresh, nutritious foods.

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Food benefits — simplified

Tangelo partners with government, healthcare, universities, employers, and non-profits to create food benefits for members of their communities. Members simply log into the Tangelo app, redeem their food benefit, and receive fresh, nutritious food delivered to their doorstep. It’s that easy.

How Tangelo works

Organizations create food benefits

We work with organizations to craft just the right food benefits for their eligible members, such as healthy food boxes, medically tailored meals, increased purchasing power, and more.

Members redeem food benefits

Members download the Tangelo app to redeem their food benefits. Certain benefits come with value-added activities (e.g. speak to a dietitian, learn about benefits of certain foods, etc.) that members complete before redeeming. Then members simply make their food selections, enter a delivery address, and check out. Food is on the way!

Nutritious food is delivered

Tangelo’s food deliveries are culturally / lifestyle relevant, sourced from local farms and suppliers (in state or within 400 miles), and delivered directly to members’ doorsteps.

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See how you fit in

Partner with Tangelo

Offer curated food benefits to your members and apply to offer additional purchasing power through Tangelo.

For Partners

Redeem benefits

Download the Tangelo app to view and redeem your food benefits and start getting nutritious food delivered to your door.

For Consumers

Join our network

Become a partner within Tangelo’s food value chain to meet America’s evolving nutritional needs.

For Suppliers

I’m overwhelmed and very thankful because without Tangelo, I would probably be stressing out a lot as to where I’d be able to find the money to pay for rent, groceries, cell phone bill, internet, books... You guys help out a lot with the food portion and I’m happy every time I see a delivery.

It’s one of the best services and I recommend Tangelo to anyone, honestly, who’s looking to have a service that delivers to their door.

Max A.

Tangelo in action

County distributes $9,577,600 in food benefits through Tangelo in just 6 weeks

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December 2, 2021
Technology platform enables public health breakthrough: The fastest known population dietary data capture

Tangelo conducted a record-setting 5,000+ comprehensive dietary assessments in an underserved community within a single week in partnership with Diet ID.

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October 29, 2021
Case Study: California County

See how Tangelo helped a large county support nutrition insecure populations during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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June 10, 2021
Tangelo partners with Diet ID

Tangelo has partnered with Diet ID, a digital health company run by global public health leader Dr. David Katz, to implement baseline diet scoring within the Tangelo platform.

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We’re working with partners, consumers, and suppliers to build
a better food system. And we want you to be part of it.

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