13 food benefits created to reach a diverse population

Tangelo   |   December 15, 2021


A diverse, densely populated County faced the challenge of creating food benefits for different segments of their population that catered to different tastes and cultures.


With Tangelo, the County created and deployed 13 different food benefits curated to different demographics and cultural needs across their communities, which were redeemed over several weeks.

Types of food benefits

Fruit and vegetable box

Hispanic protein & dairy box

Variety Snack Box

Asian Protein & Dairy Box

American Protein & Dairy Box

Family Variety Pantry Box

Hispanic Grain & Pantry Box

Asian Grain and Pantry Box

Healthy Variety Box

Student Grain & Pantry Box

American Grain & Pantry Box

Vegetarian Protein & Dairy Box

Vegan Protein Box

Do you want to distribute healthy food to your members?

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