Easing the burden of food inflation

Tangelo   |   April 12, 2022

We’re all feeling it: we’re post-pandemic and the cost of food is on the rise. Food inflation impacts everyone, but for low-income or minority communities, even a small uptick in cost can be a barrier to good nutrition. At Tangelo, we’re committed to learning how challenges like food inflation impact at-risk communities. We work to understand the challenges and build solutions that make good nutrition more convenient and more affordable for all.

Let’s take a look at some of the stats around food inflation.

How much is the price of food actually increasing?

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) measures the average monthly change in consumer prices. The following rates demonstrate the change in food prices from January to February 2022:

  • The cost of eating at home increased by 1.4%
  • The cost of fruit and vegetables increased by 2.3% (the largest increase since March 2010)
  • The cost of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs increased by 1.2%

The Produce Blue Book also recently released consumer insights:

  • On average, grocery prices have increased 11.5% in the past year
  • Dollar store grocery prices have increased – up 14.3% over the past year, and 22.5% higher than two years ago
  • Online grocery prices have increased by 6.4%

Families who live on a tight budget and often rely on Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) funds are faced with tough choices in the grocery aisle. The increasing cost of fresh, nutritious food (and even the overall cost of eating at home) means that processed food isn’t just more convenient, it’s better for a budget.

How Tangelo helps: buy healthy food and get free healthy food

The Tangelo platform was built to make fresh, healthy food more convenient and affordable. Our team works behind the scenes to procure high-quality, nutritious food and get it to the doorsteps of the communities that need it most.

Our mobile app makes it easy and convenient to order food boxes in minutes. And free home delivery means no time-consuming trips to the grocery store.

To make our nutritious food more affordable, we became a SNAP-certified vendor. Members can order food using SNAP/EBT, Debit, Credit, or any combination of funds.

But we didn’t stop there. The Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Benefit gives members more food for their money. Eligible members order their preferred food box and receive additional nutritious food items for free. This increased purchasing power helps families increase their nutritious food intake, without increasing their budget.

And the food? Ingredients and meal kits are chef-crafted and dietitian-certified. Fresh and delicious every time.

Let’s keep the solutions coming

Yes, the cost of food is increasing, and this (and other barriers to nutrition) won’t be solved overnight. But our team continues to investigate barriers, evolve the Tangelo platform, and bring innovative solutions to communities everywhere.

Do you want to distribute healthy food to your members?

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