Food benefits based on household size

Tangelo   |   December 16, 2021


A large employer looking to deploy food benefits to its 35,000+ person staff wanted to make sure they were distributing the right amount of food to eligible members in an effort to optimize how funds were being distributed and reduce food waste. They knew their employees had different household sizes, but did not have this data on their own.


Using Tangelo, the employer was able to capture employee household size through Tangelo’s social risk screening and deploy a specific Food Benefit with different amounts of boxes to different members. Tangelo automated this process entirely, taking the heavy lifting off of the employer.

Each food benefit included a selection of 1 of 4 food options specified to meet the cultural and demographic needs of their employee base.

Graphic showing 4 different types of food benefits

Graphic showing types of food benefits and percent of members who received them

Do you want to distribute healthy food to your members?

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