Plug in your community partners

Tangelo   |   December 16, 2021


In the middle of the pandemic, one county needed to distribute emergency food relief funding to support its most vulnerable community members. To reach these community members, the County recruited 19 community-based organizations with direct connections to the most vulnerable members of their community. What’s more — some community members were not tech-enabled, which meant they needed special assistance when it came to redeeming their food benefits.


The County plugged 19 CBOs into the Tangelo Platform, which enabled CBOs to remotely enroll members to receive their food benefits on the Tangelo Mobile App, as well as fully manage a portion of community members who were not tech-enabled with Tangelo Assist. Fully managed members could call in to speak to a representative, hear what food benefits were available to redeem, and place and track their orders all over the phone.

Graphic showing total members, time frame, and percent of members fully managed by Tangelo

Graphic showing members enrolled by community based organizations

Do you want to distribute healthy food to your members?

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