Technology platform enables public health breakthrough: The fastest known population dietary data capture

Tangelo   |   December 2, 2021

New York, NY – In an important advance and critical bellwether for public health progress to come, nutrition technology platform Tangelo in partnership with Diet ID conducted over 5,000 comprehensive dietary assessments in an underserved community in a single week. This was the largest number of comprehensive dietary assessments ever completed in seven days for a single cohort, and the same number of assessments the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) completes in a year to gauge dietary intake trends for the nation as a whole. These compelling results demonstrate the power of user-centered technology advancements and the future of dietary assessment and intervention.

Jeremy Cooley, CEO of Tangelo said, “We are facing a crisis. Around 86% of America’s health care costs are due to chronic — often preventable — diseases. Poor diet is now the leading cause of poor health, associated with more than half a million deaths per year – or more than 40,000 deaths each month. We have to make a change! By harnessing social risk and diet quality data, Tangelo’s platform can now enable payers to create, distribute and evaluate food benefits tailored to specific conditions. Combined with our ability to rapidly deliver tailored, nutritionally appropriate food to families that need it, we stand ready to turn data into action on a national scale.”

Tangelo is a proven, turnkey technology platform that increases access to nutritious foods by enabling payers to design, administer, and evaluate nutrition programs that efficiently deliver produce, medically-tailored meals, groceries, and more to communities at scale. Built around an easy-to-download and intuitive app, Tangelo enables organizations across the public sector to quickly administer scalable nutrition assistance programs.

Empirical evidence to prove the benefit of healthy food access is typically difficult, time consuming, and expensive to source given the rudimentary nature of the tools and tactics used — such as patient interviews and paper-based surveys. So as part of its work, Tangelo is incorporating innovative assessment technology to compile one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of consumers’ dietary needs, social risks and barriers, and the efficacy of nutrition incentives. Building Diet ID’s digital dietary assessment tool directly into Tangelo’s food benefits platform allows payers to gain an understanding of the dietary risk of the populations they serve. Dr. David Katz, Founder and CEO of Diet ID said, “This is a very gratifying milestone on our journey to make diet the vital sign it deserves to be. We are extremely proud of the partnership with Tangelo which allows us to measure and manage diet quality in generally underserved populations that deserve, and need such services.”

Combining these data-driven insights with Tangelo’s ability to create and distribute customized food benefits will help our nation sustainably reduce food insecurity, lower health care costs, increase economic mobility, and more.

About Tangelo

Tangelo is a proven, turnkey technology platform that increases access to nutritious foods by enabling payers to create, distribute, and evaluate food benefits that deliver public and private funds to communities at scale. Focused on improving the affordability and accessibility of culturally relevant, nutrition-dense foods — Tangelo helps sustainably reduce food insecurity, lower health care costs, and increase economic mobility tomorrow. Tangelo’s platform has been used by large public sector entities, hospital systems, and nonprofits to support and strengthen communities across the country.

About Diet ID

​​Diet ID utilizes a novel, patent-pending approach to dietary assessment based on pattern recognition, rather than the customary recall. The system, accessible via any web-enabled device, generates a comprehensive assessment of dietary intake- diet type, diet quality (using the Healthy Eating Index 2015), daily servings of all major food groups, and levels of 150 nutrients- in as little as 60 seconds. Available in English and Spanish, the image-based app is ideal for low literacy populations. For more information on Diet ID, visit

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