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Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Benefit

Buy healthy food, get free healthy food

Download the Tangelo app now to save time, save money, and enjoy delicious chef-crafted recipes from around the world.

Custom grocery boxes

SNAP / EBT accepted

Free home delivery

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How the Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Benefit works

Free food for your household

Eligible households can receive up to $450 worth of free healthy food per month on qualifying orders.

1 person
$75 per month
2 person
$138 per month
3 person
$197 per month
4 person
$251 per month
5 person
$298 per month
6 person
$357 per month
7 person
$395 per month
8+ person
$451 per month
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What our customers are saying

It’s been great and it’s been so helpful during the pandemic.
Elizabeth C.
I really, really enjoyed the food. Not only that it was fresh. It was well taken care of. The packaging was beautiful and the food was just delicious.
Andretta C.
It’s one of the best services and I recommend Tangelo to anyone, honestly, who’s looking to have a service that delivers to their door.
Maximino A.
My family and I are enjoying the meals. I don't have to go to the store and deal with the crowds because the food is delivered right to my door.
Robin E.
We love the fresh fruits and vegetables and all the meat, proteins and grain that we receive. It's been a big help and we enjoy cooking it.
Brenda H.

Improve your diet without burning your budget

Order fresh, nutritious grocery boxes through the Tangelo app and receive additional healthy food for free. Plus, enjoy free home delivery on every order.

Together, we can create change

Our mission is to extend the Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Benefit to everyone who can’t afford to buy fresh, healthy food. When you track and improve your diet using Tangelo, you prove the power of nutritious food benefits.

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Order fresh and nutritious food your family will love

We work with farmers and suppliers in your area to customize grocery boxes for your nutritional needs and lifestyle.

Fruit & Veggies
Meat & Fish
Shelf-Stable Foods
Plant Proteins
Nuts & Seeds

Let the food come to you

  • Nationwide delivery
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple, in-app orders

Make the most of your meals

Not sure how to cook with eggplant? No problem. Each order includes quick and easy recipes to help you make nutritious meals your family will love. Plus, learn more about specific foods and their health benefits in the Tangelo app.

  • Nutrition education
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • How-to guides

Ready to get started?

Download the Tangelo Mobile App

Download Tangelo from the iOS App Store or Google Play. All you need is a mobile phone number to apply.

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Redeem your benefit

If you qualify for the Tangelo Food Incentive Benefit, Tangelo will create grocery box options based on your eating habits, food preferences, and desired budget. Choose the box you like the best and pay using any combination of SNAP EBT, EBT Cash, Debit, or Credit.

Get food to your door
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Online orders. Free home delivery. Plus free groceries? You got it.

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