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Fresh, nutritious food, delivered

Want great food delivered to you and your family? Government, healthcare, employers, non-profits, and friends want to give it to you. Tangelo makes it happen.

Enter your invite code to redeem your food benefits.


What you can do with Tangelo

Redeem food benefits

Tangelo partners with government organizations, nonprofits, healthcare, and employers to help you and others enjoy more fresh, nutritious foods.
See How

Learn about food and nutrition

Learn about the health benefits of various foods, and get helpful tips on sleep, exercise, mental health, and more to improve your overall wellbeing.

Get easy-to-follow recipes

Learn how to make delicious dishes with the food benefits you receive. Recipes are quick, easy, and curated to your cultural preferences.

How it works

Get an invite for a food benefit

Invites for your first food benefit on Tangelo can come from government, healthcare, university, employers, universities, non-profits, and friends. Once you’re in, get access to more benefits.

Redeem your benefits

Food benefits can include fresh produce, hearty proteins, shelf-stable foods, medically-tailored meals, and more! Some benefits may require you to complete an activity prior to redeeming your benefits. For example, you may be asked to:

  • Take a survey
  • Speak with a dietitian
  • Participate in an educational workshop
  • And more…

Get fresh food delivered to your door

Make your food selections within the Tangelo app, enter your address, and place your order. Before you know it, your food will be on your doorstep ready to enjoy!

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The big picture

It’s no secret: getting fresh, nutritious food isn’t always easy. The time, money, and transportation required means that many families don’t get the nutrition they need to maintain a balanced diet and optimize their health. Our mission is to change that. We’ve built a new resilient food value chain designed to systematically solve food and nutrition insecurity and ensure that Americans can afford and access the food they need to live life to the fullest.

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Redeem your food benefits today

Enter your invite code to redeem your food benefits.