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Build a more inclusive local food system with your LFPA funds

Tangelo is a proven, turnkey food benefits platform designed to transform the food system. It’s ready to help you connect underserved farmers and ranchers to rural, low-income, and underserved communities in an efficient, sustainable way.

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Traditional food systems fall short of meeting community needs.

Some farmers and consumers are left out

Socially disadvantaged farmers and rural and underserved consumers are disconnected from the value chain.

Short-term funding is not sustainable

When funds are used up, there is no easy way to continue to engage and support community members in need.

Operations are inefficient

Mass food sourcing and reliance on central distribution centers lead to wasted time, food, and personnel resources.

Measuring the true impact is challenging

Fund and food distribution (let alone nutritional impact) cannot be accurately tracked or validated.

Let’s transform our food system, ensure equity, end the pandemic and nutrition insecurity, and rebuild rural economies.

Secretary Tom Vilsack

You already have all of the right components.

We make them work better together to transform and strengthen your community’s food system.

State Agency and Tribal Governments

Innovative technology and a fully connected system enable agencies to provide more value with greater efficiency.

  • Better support for underserved farmers and community members
  • Improved operational efficiency and decreased waste
  • Ongoing support beyond expiration of funds
  • Advanced program data and analytics
  • Meet USDA requirements

Tangelo ensures you meet USDA requirements

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Deploy LFPA food benefits to support underserved farmers and community members

Here’s how it works

Create a food benefit based on your state budget

  • Allocate food benefits per member
  • Set frequency of delivery
  • Establish duration of support

Partners distribute food benefits from underserved farmers

Work with Tangelo or your preferred Community Partner to distribute your food benefits physically or digitally to eligible community members.

  • Streamlined community member enrollment
  • Advanced data reporting

Eligible community members redeem benefits

People redeem their food benefit via text, phone, or the Tangelo app.

  • Simple and convenient redemption process
  • Access to their choice of healthy, culturally relevant foods
  • Fully managed option for non-tech-enabled members

Food is delivered

Food is sourced from underserved farmers/ranchers and delivered to community members’ doorsteps or picked up at a nearby distribution site.

  • Fair-priced procurement from underserved farmers and ranchers
  • Ability to obtain healthy food for less, even after LFPA funds expire

Measure the impact of your program in real-time with dashboard data


Number of local farmers/ranchers

Percent of farmers/ranchers that are underservedof farmers/ranchers that are underserved

Social risk screening identifying financial, logistical, and infrastructure barriers faced by socially disadvantaged producers

Feedback and recommendations for future initiatives from producers

Value of food purchased from socially disadvantaged producers

Food items provided by producers

Food quality rating from community members

Total value of food purchasedof food purchased from socially disadvantaged producersquality rating from community members


Number of locations for distribution

Total value of food distributed

Value of food distributed to underserved communities

Number of food deliveries to underserved community members

Food items delivered

Social risk screening data identifying diet deficiencies and financial, cultural, and lifestyle barriers.

Feedback and recommendations for future initiatives from community members

Marketing Opportunities

New marketing opportunities established by:

  • Purchasing from local and regional farmers and ranchers
  • Socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers

Purchases distributed beyond current food distribution networks

Engagement in nutritional education content on benefits of nutritious fresh food.


Barriers members face in accessing healthy food

Number of partnerships and access points established within your new food system

Future opportunities for support within the channels

Quarterly Report

Progress and financial reports

Data on procurement

Data on distribution

Show program goals are met.

Annual and Final Reports

Summary of all data from the quarterly progress reports

Narrative addressing the new marketing opportunities for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers

Report of distributions carried out to reach additional underserved communities.

From our farmers

Thank you for supporting small and mid-sized farms like us! We finally feel like we can be part of big picture.

Esteban M.

It’s been nearly impossible for a farm of our size to break into traditional supply chains. Tangelo made it easy. We’re now connected with a sustainable supply chain that helps us get our food to people who need it.

Francisco T.

Before Tangelo, we had no idea if our food was being sold or went to waste. Now, knowing that our food is actually helping improve the health of our local community – it’s an amazing feeling.

Billy R.
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Continue the momentum with your new, inclusive local food system

Establish lasting relationships between farmers and consumers

Once community members are connected with local farmers, they can continue purchasing healthy food from socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers at a fair price (using SNAP, debit/credit) long after LFPA funds expire.

Leverage an always-ready system

With an in-depth understanding of community risk factors and with your new food system in place, your agency can easily run additional targeted food programs as new funding opportunities become available.

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Meet all USDA LFPA requirements with Tangelo

Support local and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers

Establish partnerships with the food distribution community and local food networks

Improve the health and wellbeing of communities through fresh and nutritious food

Provide home delivery to rural, remote, or underserved communities

Strengthen local and regional food systems

Provide quarterly and annual performance reports to ensure program goals are met

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Jumpstart a better food system with Tangelo

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