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Apply for the Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Food Benefit

Give your members up to $1,000 per year in additional purchasing power for nutritious foods when they buy from local farms and suppliers on Tangelo.

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Empower members of your
community to make healthy choices

Give your community members up to $1,000 per year in increased purchasing power for nutritious food. When members spend $45 on food from local farms and suppliers on Tangelo using their SNAP, Debit, or Credit Card, they will get $15 in additional funds to spend on additional nutritious food.

What this means for your members

  1. Up to $1,000 in additional funds for nutritious foods
  2. Ability to spend SNAP funds, eWIC, or their own funds to earn additional funds
  3. Free access to nutrition education, free delivery, and more
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How it works

If you are approved, you’ll get a dedicated partner success consultant to set up benefit eligibility, design additional food benefits, and distribute them to your members.

Apply to offer the Nutrition Incentive Benefit

If approved, specify member eligibility

Add additional activities (Optional)

Add additional food benefits (Optional)

Launch food benefits with your co-branded launch kit

Validate impact and track KPIs

Offer more benefits to your members

With Tangelo, you can easily create and distribute your own food benefits in addition to our Nutrition Incentive Benefit. We offer a wide range of options, customized to your members’ needs.

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Application Details

Posted date
November 18, 2021

Last updated date
November 18, 2021

Application deadline
December 31, 2021

Total funding per member
Up to $1,000 per member per year

Estimated total funding

Program administration cost
$10 per member per month

Who can apply
Healthcare, government agencies, universities, non-profits, and employers organizations.

We are so glad and thankful for everything that your organization has done for me and my family. We love the fresh fruits and vegetables, all the meat and all the proteins. It's been a big help and we enjoy cooking it.

Brenda H.

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Give your members up to $1,000 to spend on nutritious food

Apply to offer the Tangelo Nutrition Incentive Food Benefit to your members.

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