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Everyone at Tangelo has a different story about how healthy food (or the lack of it) has affected their lives, or the lives of someone they know. But, at the same time, everyone in our company is also part of a single story we’re telling together.

Tangelo was founded with the belief that what we sit down to eat each day plays a huge part in how our health and our lives turn out. That’s why we’re here to help get healthy food to everyone who needs it.

Food is at the center of the greatest moments of our lives but…

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    100M+ Americans – nearly half of all adults – have diabetes or prediabetes.

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    122M Americans have cardiovascular disease, leading to nearly 2,300 deaths each day.

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    3 in 4 American adults are overweight or obese.

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    38% of Americans are food insecure today.

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    More Americans are sick than are healthy.

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    66% of COVID-19 hospitalizations have been attributed to obesity.

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    Over 75% of America’s $3 trillion medical-care costs are linked to a chronic disease with an $1,834 higher healthcare cost for someone who is food insecure.

Our mission is to improve access to healthy food so people can eat well, live better and avoid diet-related illnesses

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Healthier people

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Healthier communities

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Meet the Tangelo team

Jeremy Cooley

Jeremy Cooley’s story

When his dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, Jeremy turned to food to help extend his life. After speaking to many doctors, dieticians, and health coaches, he was left asking himself, “How is it possible Dad wasn’t being prescribed food, the fuel he needs to get through his treatment?!”

After his dad’s passing, Jeremy found his mission in life: provide access and affordability to nutrition education and healthy food for all!

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