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Impact consumer health through food, procured at a fair price

Become a partner within Tangelo’s food value chain to meet America’s evolving nutritional needs.


Diet-related illness costs the US
economy more than $1 trillion annually


Cardiovascular & stroke







It’s not that we don’t have enough healthy food. It’s that it’s too hard to access.

Our nation is saturated with cheap, quick-access, processed foods. As a result, our health (especially health in rural, remote, and underserved communities) is suffering. Tangelo’s new resilient food value chain is designed to strengthen local and regional food systems and make healthy food more affordable and convenient, so we can help families everywhere get the foods they need to eat well and feel better.

We’re creating a new market
for healthy food

We partner with government, healthcare, insurers, employers, and non-profit organizations to distribute food benefits to rural, remote, and underserved communities in need.

We procure healthy, nutritious food

Tangelo sources healthy food from farmers, ranchers, and producers that fills the nutritional deficiencies that lead to diet-related disease. We procure a broad range of products inclusive of size, seasonality, and specs that fall outside of traditional retail requirements.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Plant-based products
  • Proteins
  • Dairy products
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Medically tailored meals

Then we go beyond procurement

We’ve created an efficient food value chain to get healthy food from farms to the consumers who need it most - as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. As we expand across the U.S. we are regularly looking for:

  • Warehousing
  • Cold storage
  • Packaging
  • Last-mile logistics
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When our consumers win, you do too

Increase brand

Scale your product and services

Meet untapped


Reduce food

Improve crop planning and forecasting

Promote specific product benefits

Introduce consumers to new-to-them products

Realize the true impact of your work

Tangelo in action

County distributes $9,577,600 in food benefits through Tangelo in just 6 weeks

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